Not enjoying your life is a real crime!  I'll help you find your missing joy.

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Your Passion & Purpose

We all have unique gifts, talents, and strengths that determine our passion and purpose. But sometimes we feel lost or confused and worry that we're missing out on the best parts of life. 

In this guide, you'll find tips and exercises to reconnect with your passion and purpose even if you have no idea what they are or feel like you've lost them. 

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Three paths to explore:

Joy Detective

1:1 Discovery Call

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Private Investigator

1:1 Sessions & Programs

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 Special Agent

Top Level Support

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Finding Your Joy

Right now, there’s a piece of you that knows EXACTLY what would make you happy.

But if I asked you, you'd probably tell me, "I don't know", right? 

Because of false evidence appearing real (FEAR), you feel confusion instead of clarity.

Joy is the bridge that connects the infinite possibilities that live within you to the piece of your brain that creates your reality.

 Joy Detection is a process that takes you through all the twists and turns to find the clues of who you really are, and how to reveal that to the world in the best possible way.

Through our sessions, you will: 

  • Set goals and build an emotional foundation based on love instead of fear.
  • Quickly shift negative thoughts to focus on what you really want.
  • Develop a healthy self-esteem.
  • Learn to recognize your unique gifts and talents.
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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m April, the Joy Detective!

Every desire and talent you have are clues that lead you to solving what feels unsolvable. 

I'll help you search through the clues and solve the mystery of how to live a joy-filled and abundant life.


More about me

"April is very knowledgeable and super intuitive."

"I felt very safe to open up about my feelings, and I feel lighter. Past experiences can drain our life energy without us even realizing it.  Why put up with the pain when you can go to April to clear it and get back to your joy!"

-Kay S., Client Testimonial

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Joy In Your Inbox 

Get tips on living a joy-filled life delivered to your inbox.